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'Aging Goddess'

I’m an aging goddess — at least in my mind. Okay, it’s not like I’m Cher or Bette Midler, but I’ve had my day. I’ve already written my obituary and I’m telling you, it looks damned impressive. I didn’t trust anyone else to write it or choose the appropriate diffused photo to accompany the article. So I figured, Why not write it myself? Give everyone in my family a break, plus die happy, not stressing over what anyone is saying behind (or above) my back and knowing that what I want people to know (about me) will be in the paper—clear and concise.
I am a former photographic model and the author of four books, and I have a new one ready for publication, called I Oprahed—and I did! Has an appearance on Oprah bought me everlasting fame and glory? No such luck, though I enjoyed my alloted fifteen minutes. But a career of studying and writing about relationships has brought me a few nuggets of wisdom to impart—as well as an unfailing appreciation for the funniest sides of life.
This blog, like I Oprahed, is specifically written for “women of a certain age . . . you and me.” Topics will include the battle of maintenance, the care of our aging parents, widowhood and dating after a certain age, adult children and the parents who love them anyway, returning to school, finding your mojo. And having a ball while doing it. If you are a woman who continues to pursue her dream, regardless of age or life situation, this blog is for you. What have you got to lose?
In reading my stories you will find validation, because we are all in this together. I Oprahed is a collection of loosely linked essays that feature a humorous look at the aging process. My goal is to help empower all women to fight the good fight for their dignity, skills, and deserved respect in the face of mounting invisibility—while having fun. Along the way you will find clever tips and quotable lines that you will soon be emailing your friends.
For starters, here’s my favorite quote from Ruth Gordon, from an interview she gave when she was in her sixties. It’s my mantra and I try to live by it. She was asked how she finally became a successful actress so late in life (in her mid-sixties). Her answer:
“Never give up, never listen to the facts, and work harder than anybody else.”

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