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By Susan Kelley. 1st edition - 172 pages - Paperback. $8.95 cover price. Copyright 1996.

Susan Kelley has interviewed hundreds of men on what makes the "stay or stray." She shows that getting a man "involved" is only the first step in a long journey of compromise, patience, and flexibility that can create the secure, fulfilling, long-lasting relationship you want.

In Why Men Stray, Why Men Stay, men get to say what's really on their minds. And once you know what men are really looking for-as well as the warning signs that can signal trouble on the horizon-you'll know how to make sure that your relationship is one of the exceptional few that survive. Whether you're married or single, having trouble in your relationship, or just hoping to avoid it-or if you're just baffled by the way men act-this book is for you! Contents: Dangerous Domain. The Whens and Whys of Straying. You Guessed It--Sex. Danger Signals: Is Your Man a Strayer? How to Recognize a Strayer. Women Men Stray With. The Results Are In. How to Turn a Strayer in a Stayer. How Family Issues Can Affect Your Marriage. Sensuality, Seduction, and Sex The Good Stuff.