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My Works

I OPRAHED, and Other Adventures of a Woman of a Certain Age
By Susan Kelley (Paperback - April 2011 CreateSpace)

Kelley turns her attention to more personal matters: her own experiences as a writer and relationship expert (including an appearance on Oprah); a trip to an AC/DC concert in Paris; living as an ex-pat in Florence, Italy; marriage to a well-known painter; mother-and grandmotherhood and the trevails of aging in a youth-oriented culture. The result is I OPRAHED, a collection of loosely linked essays that feature her trademark hilarity and empathy.

THE SECOND TIME AROUND: Everything you need to Know to Make Your Remarriage Happy

By Susan Kelley, Dale Burg. (Hardcover - September 2000, William Morrow)

Finally, some great news about remarriage: It can and does work. To help women successfully make a second union last, Susan Kelley -- happily remarried for fifteen years herself -- now provides the essential guidance needed to face and solve common challenges and avoid past mistakes. Filled with expert wisdom from therapists and matrimonial lawyers, and based on information, anecdotes, and examples obtained from more than 1,000 happily remarried men and women, her refreshingly upbeat and practical book offers a clear roadmap to marital bliss -- to making that second I do fulfilling and enduring.

Love and marriage can succeed -- and even improve -- the second time around with this indispensable resource.


By Susan Kelley. (Paperback - August 1996, Adams Media Corporation)

If you want your relationship to last-in spite of the outside temptations, changing expectations, and just plain boredom that destroy many marriages and other long-term relationships-you need to understand how men think and why they act the way they do.


By Susan Kelley. (Paperback - August 1992, Adams Media Corporation)

"Want to get your man committed? Read this book."
--Boston Herald

"A literary double whammy: an irresistible title and a book behind it that fulfills the title's promise."
--Jim Hanson, Sarasota Times

"Susan Curtin a sage of sorts for women looking for Mr. Right, and a keeper of the intimate thoughts of thousands of men."
--Louise Bruderle, West Coast Woman