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Do you have an Internet Commitment story to share?
I've been asked about the possibility of an updated version of WHY MEN COMMIT. Thinking of including a chapter on online dating and one on commitment maintenance. All comments welcome -- any good stories to share?
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Will You Be My Friend on Facebook?

From the chapter "A Few Words About Cell Phone Etiquette" in I OPRAHED:

Who do you really want to be your friend on Facebook?

Do you want former spouses or frenemies to befriend you and know all of your business? Think before you accept someone to be your "friend." There are stalkers out there--beware!
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Mondays with Mother

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For those of you following the saga of my 92-year-old mother whose license was recently in question, she has failed four driving tests so far and goes back the end of the month for her fifth. If she fails the fifth, she can retake it in one year at the age of 93.  Read More 
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New Book!

Susan Kelley's new book, I OPRAHED: and Other Adventures of a Woman of a Certain Age
I OPRAHED: and Other Adventures of a Woman of a Certain Age is a celebration of life, love and maintenance for the post Baby Boomer woman. It's a personal account of one woman's zany, hilarious, middle-aged romp through her senior years; a totally female experience. Read More 
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Aging goddess traveling

We are on the road again. Wonderful time in London. Had lunch at the RAF with Sr. Wendy and Father Steve. What a treat. Arrived in Florence Friday. Apartment is spectacular. It has three terraces, three floors and an interior elevator.
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'Aging Goddess'

I’m an aging goddess — at least in my mind. Okay, it’s not like I’m Cher or Bette Midler, but I’ve had my day. I’ve already written my obituary and I’m telling you, it looks damned impressive. I didn’t trust anyone else to write it or choose the appropriate diffused photo to accompany the article. So I figured, Why not write it myself? Give everyone in my family a break, plus die happy, not stressing over what anyone is saying behind (or above) my back and knowing that what I want people to know (about me) will be in the paper—clear and concise. Read More 
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