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THE SECOND TIME AROUND: Everything You Need to Know to Make Your Remarriage Happy

"I couldn't have imagined this kind of love before," says one remarried woman. "My new spouse has taught me I am worthy of having the best," says another.

Comments like these are typical of those of the hundreds of remarried men and women age twenty-five to eighty, from all over the country, who were interviewed for this book. Their anecdotes and advice, along with suggestions from professionals, will help you heal and emotionally detach from the past, clearing the way to a happy and lasting relationship.

You will learn:

• Why it may be appropriate to change partners at least once in a lifetime

• How to make positive changes in yourself and get into a remarriage frame of mind

• Where to look and what to do to find a new mate

• How to know when you've found the right person

• How to clarify your expectations about family, finances, and fidelity

• How to cope with the surprising number one problem: the ex-spouse

This book will give you the tools to make better choices the second time around. And you will be heartened and encouraged by the testimony of those who have discovered that all the romance and fulfillment that eluded them at first can be found in remarriage.